Giving Junior Rowers a technical and speed advantage

Cody Ellem – Centenary RC, Queensland Australia

“This morning with the help of a few of our junior athletes I conducted a small scale trial of the Randallfoils to see if they are beneficial for junior rowers.
The data recorded is showing a significant improvement in technique and overall times. And is attached to this email. 
Times were recorded using GPS tracking over 1000m with the rowing in motion app as well as a number of other factors. Including boat speed and acceleration, drag efficiency, stroke rate and check rate.
The process was…

1, every athlete completed 1000m in a tedhale F1 with a set of our new standard Croker blades without foils.
2, every athlete completed another 1000m with the same boat as their first time trial with either a set of Croker blades with foils or a set of concept 2 blades with foils.
3. All time trials were conducted in the same direction, with as close to the same tidal flow and atmospheric conditions as possible. And all athletes were given approximately 1 hour break between time each time trial.

Improvements of between 25 and 40 seconds to overall times were recorded for all athletes as well as a huge improvement in technique including a stronger more stable catch engagement, a huge reduction in bouncing of blades during the catch and drive phase and a quicker, cleaner removal and recovery. 
The reports from all the kids were that ” it felt like they didn’t have to work as hard ” and that ” the boat went faster and further every stroke”.
The numbers are supporting this feedback as well. “

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