stabilize your blades

Increase your speed

up to 5% faster

Randallfoils help rowers to connect faster at the catch, stabilise the blade throughout the stroke and create unmatched boat speed

As used at

- Olympic - Paralympics - Tokyo 2020 -
- World Championship - National Championships -

Well designed equipment is the foundation of better performance

Ian Randall & Aram Lemmerer

How Randallfoils work - in a nutshell

Graphics by Berthold Weitkemper


"If you want to go faster you have to feel it harder" Martino Goretti

up to 5% more boat speed

Users report a boat speed increase of up to 5%. Martino Goretti, 2019 world champion in the LM1x used Randallfoils at the World Championships and reported a speed increase of 10 seconds per 1000m at race pace.

Permitted for all FISA races

Randallfoils are officially permitted in all FISA races, at the Royal Henley Rowing Regatta, and at every other race we know of.

Simple Installation

Randallfoils fit almost all current blade designs, as their form is universal and the material is flexible enough to be bent. If you need help, your local service partner will happily do the installation for you.

When the effect became obvious

In 2019 Martino Goretti was first to use the RANDALLfoil at the World Championships… he became World Champion ML1x. Unbeaten in the heats, quarters, semi and in the final, always posting the fastest time of all races. Goretti went on to win the final by clear water.

It took him an open mind to go ahead and properly test Randallfoils, and 10 weeks to adapt. 

During his training, Goretti said, he was able to bring his 1.000m times down by 10 seconds, if he wanted. 

“You don’t get free speed, but with Randallfoils, you can load up your blades much quicker” he says in his interview. 

The image shows Martino Goretti and Aram Lemmerer after the victory ceremony. 

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