A timeline of key events 

Australian Olympian Dan Noonan testing an early foil prototype (2017)



– The first trials of concept conducted

– AIS notified of findings and test samples supplied


 – Product development and testing

– Product and Concept trials by RowUK and RowingNews

– Commercial product availability announced in Australia

– first testing of Randallfoils in GPS rowing by St Ignatius College (Riverview)

 – First round of independent scientific tests conducted in the UK by Valery Klashnev of BioRow with 4.5 % speed increase achieved

– Second series of RANDALLfoil’s available in ‘wearex’ plastic


– Application for Certification submitted to FISA

– Rowing WA officially approves the RANDALLfoil for state-based racing.

– Rowing Australia grants certification for all Australian Regatta’s

– First ‘Gold’ achieved at the NSW Masters Championship (MMCX2)

Henley Royal Regatta Stewards grant approval for use at 2018 Regatta

– FISA grant approval for use at all World Rowing events.

– RANDALLfoil design presented at the 2018 Sports Medicine and Science Conference, Berlin (link here to presentation)


 Martino Goretti of Italy is the first to use the design at an international regatta.

– Martino Goretti of Italy becomes World Champion LMX1 using RANDALLfoils

– Cited in book ICE, FIRE and Physics by Dr Rebecca C. Thompson which looks at the earthly and magical science of the Game of Thrones (https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/fire-ice-and-physics)


– Braca Sport offer RANDALLfoils pre-installed


– Gold Hollen Becker

– Dutch National Championship

– South Africa Masters Championship


– Gold Hollen Becker

– Gold Dutch National Championship

– Gold South Africa Masters Championship

– Gold USA National Championship

– GPS Head of the River

– Gold Head of the Charles

Tokyo Olympics 1st B-Final

Tokyo Paralympics 4th A-Final


– Gold USA National Championship

– Gold Australian National Championship

– Gold SRAA Championship USA