A timeline of key events 


Australian Olympian Dan Noonan testing an early foil prototype (2017)



November – The first trials of concept conducted

December – AIS notified of findings and test samples supplied


JanuaryMay – Product development and testing

May – Product and Concept trials by RowUK and RowingNews

June – Commercial product availability announced in Australia

July – first testing of Randallfoils in GPS rowing by St Ignatius College (Riverview)

October – First round of independent scientific tests conducted in the UK by Valery Klashnev of BioRow with 4.5 % speed increase achieved

November – Second series of RANDALLfoil’s available in ‘wearex’ plastic


January – ROWING AUSTRALIA Trials begin

March – Application for Certification submitted to FISA

April – Rowing WA officially approves the RANDALLfoil for state-based racing.

May – Rowing Australia grants certification for all Australian Regatta’s

– First ‘Gold’ achieved at the NSW Masters Championship (MMCX2)

June – Henley Royal Regatta Stewards grant approval for use at 2018 Regatta

August – FISA grant approval for use at all World Rowing events.

November – RANDALLfoil design presented at the 2018 Sports Medicine and Science Conference, Berlin (link here to presentation)


August – Martino Goretti of Italy is the first to use the design at an international regatta.

– Martino Goretti of Italy becomes World Champion LMX1 using RANDALLfoils

November – Cited in book ICE, FIRE and Physics by Dr Rebecca C. Thompson which looks at the earthly and magical science of the Game of Thrones (https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/fire-ice-and-physics)


January – Braca Sport offer RANDALLfoils pre-installed