US Masters Rep – Bob Symonds

I would like to welcome US Masters rower Bob Symonds to the RANDALLfoil team.

Bob is a sixty-year-old Masters rower who embraces the mantra: faster, stronger, older. He competes both nationally and internationally in a wide variety of races from sprints on up to marathons. He is highly competitive in the single but becomes a powerhouse when joined by his wife, Karen, in the double scull. While he has won over sixty medals, he strives to improve every year, a quest that ultimately led him to join our team.

Bob was one of the first to trial and race with the foil design and he has written many reviews on rowing forums in defense of its performance characteristics. He only started rowing a decade ago, but as a former competitive long-distance runner, he quickly got in shape to row. At the same time, he knew that his on-water performance lagged his fitness. So he used his background as a research geochemist and hydrologist to begin a long journey to row better and faster. His path led him to RANDALLfoil’s. It has been a pleasure to work with Bob since the discovery of the foil design and to have such a committed representative of the design on the team is such a bonus.

Bob will be our lead distributor to Masters rowers in the States and will look after the Midwest region (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Louisiana).

You can reach Bob by email: 

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