Unlike any other …

The first couple of strokes with the foils was a remarkable experience. There is such grip and stability in the water it feels like you’re in a quad. After a couple minutes your body adapts and you forget they are even there. Your shoulders relax at the catch because you have the confidence the blade will catch and stay planted. It feels like rowing should feel. As soon as the blade drops in the water you are able to notice the boat levering past the blade. Though there is still some slip the send in the second half of the stroke in unlike any other set up I’ve felt. Where I noticed the biggest difference, however, was when I traveled to a different club, and rowed a different single. I immediately felt a lack of stability, my stroke was less powerful and my posture was tighter. The best compliment I can give is ‘try rowing without them, it will never be the same’.

I have also taken a few videos. In reviewing them, I noticed my catches were not as sharp as I like (sorry, it was the end practice) – I’m happy to reshoot them if you would like me to. Or even take a few videos at race pace.

Here are the videos.

Chris Zulinov,Equipment Manager,
Halifax Rowing Club

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