Drikus Conradie, New Zealand

Drikus Conradie is an international oarsman of the highest regard who has represented New Zealand at World Cups, World Championships and at Henley Royal Regatta.

The Rowing community looks to Drikus for inspiration and guidance as he understands the heights and personal costs of elite rowing. He tasted the personal effects of international politics when the world governing body allowed a banned Russian crew to compete, taking New Zealand’s qualifying place at the Rio Olympics. Drikus was the Stoke of the New Zealand Men’s IV at the time.

He is currently compiling his experiences and insights as a rower and the wisdom that has been given to him by others in a book, soon to be published.

The development of the Randall foil has much to owe Drikus as he was instrumental in the certification of the design by the Henley Stewards. This was a remarkable achievement as the primary goal of the Stewards is to safeguard the traditions of Henley and change is always seen as a threat to the establishment. So a young New Zealand team with a new Australian oar design could up-end the entire sport. Drikus assisted in the lobbying and persuasion of the Stewards to permit the design and in doing so opened the way for the world governing body FISA to follow suit. Now we all can benefit from the certification of this design.

We welcome Drikus as the distributor for the RANDALLfoil throughout New Zealand.

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