New Data – University of Porto

I would like to bring to your attention a study being conducted at the University of Porto by Ricardo Cardoso. His team were required to submit data to a statistical ethics committee and the table below represents data from a five stroke sample. He had a squad of national level rowers do a 90-second max effort test in a single scull tethered in a swimming pool. He attached a cable and measured their power for each stroke and at various parts of the stroke cycle. The table below shows the max power at 30/60/90 seconds. The data set shows the foil outperforming a standard oar in max power and sees a reduction in power loss from start to finish as the rower fatigues.


Study shows Randall foils enhance standard blades at 30, 60 and 90 seconds of a maximum effort prestige.


This data replicates the early prototype data created by Valery Kleshnev which shows that foils reduce catch slip, enabling faster and high peak forces.

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