Atlantic Crossing – Shaw and Partners

Follow the crew from Sydney Australia as they take on this years Talisker Atlantic Rowing Challenge

They say “Why row 3000 miles across an ocean? As a team, we have acknowledged the far-reaching personal value and growth associated with hardship and challenge. Having all rowed competitively in the past, we have experienced the joy and benefit of sharing a common goal and testing the limits of our own ability. Whilst the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is a seemingly incomprehensible leap from river rowing, to us it is the ultimate challenge, too unique to pass by. This is why we are dedicated to completing such an immense endeavour, that echoes the struggle facing mental health in Australia. With this journey in mind, we see the opportunity to provide a platform to raise money for Australia’s leading mental fitness charity, Gotcha4Life.”

They have put their trust in RANDALLfoils to make the crossing.

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