Rhode Island Rowing

“I totally see the benefits of a device to enhance performance, however, I think there is a huge market in the learn to row category of scullers.  This is why I am going to mount the foils up for sculling members to try.  Forgive me for highlighting what may be totally obvious, but I think foils make sculling oars so much easier to handle in general and would be a huge advantage to those first-time and intermediate rowers learning the sport of sculling.  Not only do the oars track extremely well during the stoke, but the blade depth in maneuvering the shells is also vastly improved.  Having a non-feathered blade unexpectedly dive or sink is virtually eliminated with the foils, allowing blades to naturally rest near the surface.  I find the foils greatly dampen any unwanted hand lifting that can upset the balance or stability of the boat.  Again, a huge advantage to youngsters or masters working to develop their stroke.  The benefit of learning proper blade depth in the early stages of learning to row is an immeasurable benefit.  As you have stated, the foils allow the body to feel and develop proper muscle memory needed to perfect the catch, drive and finish portion of the stroke.  At NBC we are all about expanding the sport of rowing.  I think your invention could help fast-track the learning curve in this sport. “

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