Martino Goretti uses the RANDALLfoil at the World Championships

The Italian Olympic single sculler Martino Goretti becomes the first ‘elite’ to use the RANDALLfoil design at an international regatta. On the first day of the World Championships, Martino came 1st in his heat by 40 meters with the fastest time of the day.

Martino has been training with the design since the European Rowing Championships and gaining Italian national selection using the RANDALLfoil. During the qualifying race, Martino had a clear lead at 500m and held his position with a winning margin of two boat lengths.

“I really don’t understand why the rowing world has been so slow to adopt the design? This thing, in my opinion, is really game-changing” Martino Goretti

Like all top athletes, Martino’s true performance comes from something deep within himself formed from years of struggle and sacrifice. A strip of plastic can add nothing to this.

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