A String of Results …

Grüner Moselpokal 2019

Race Report : There were strong crosswinds and it was difficult to generate clean strokes. The foils helped me to manage a clean catch every stroke and to find my rhythm quickly. Passing the turning point and during last 2k upstream and headwind I had to work pretty hard…like Martino Goretti said in his interview with Aram Lemmerer : “if you want to be faster you´ve to feel it harder”. I could overtake one rival and at the end finished with 1:10 difference to my next opponent…17:35…pretty close to some 2X masters B.

Congratulations to Petr Mitas (World Champion – Grade B),  David Harralson and Don Tanhauser (World Champions – Grade J). Extraordinary results from inspiring rowers who will always be World Champions.

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